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July 22, 2010
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Pokimono: Flaren by Rueme Pokimono: Flaren by Rueme
For :iconpokimono:

Edit: This character is now deceased.

Name: Flaren

Pokemon: Flareon

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Village: Firefield

Job: Artist

Ability: Flash Fire

Attacks: Flamethrower (TM move), Last Resort

Likes: Flaren is a Musician; He can sing well, and loves his Acoustic Guitar. He also loves spicy food, quiet places.

Dislikes: Loud noise, bread, battles, water, and windy days.

Personality : Flaren is a pretty quiet guy. He prefers to keep to himself and often finds cosy places to curl up with his guitar and relax. He isn't lazy or shy, and tries his best to keep on everyone's good side. He is also very optimistic and loves to laugh and have fun with the few friends he has. He is pretty much a peace-maker, but mention his feminine looks and he might lash out!

History: Flaren has had a pretty normal childhood. He was raised in Sky Village with his brothers and father, but has recently moved to Firefield to pursue a musical career. As a Eevee child it has always been decided that he will grow to become a Flareon, he was even named so that any other evolution would be odd - he had no choice in the matter, even though he would have preferred to grow naturally into an Umbreon or Espeon. When he was 18, his father gave him a Firestone and forced Flaren to use it. After the forced evolution Flaren was dazed and confused, but he decided to accept his new form as he knew there was little he could do to change it. Not much else is known about his past since he likes to keep to himself - He doesn't like to talk about himself or his problems, but he is a good listener.
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